December 20, 2012: Help Wake Up Santa!

I had intended to upload over 70 holiday ads before Christmas, but my almost 91-year-old mother broke her arm last week and is in the hospital. She's having surgery tomorrow, December 21. Because of this I haven't had much time to edit ads. I'm uploading five more ads from 1974 and one story today, but that will probably be it for a while. I'll add the rest of the holiday ads next December.

Everything today is in the Holiday Season Ads gallery.

There's just one TV ad today for a special on channel 13, a Wednesday, 12/11/74 ad for The Andy Williams Christmas Show on NBC. There's also a TV Guide ad for that show here.

There are two ads for Woodville Mall, a Wednesday, 11/20/74 full-page ad for their Pre-Holiday Sale featuring Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and a Friday, 11/22/74 ad annoucing Santa's arrival on Saturday. Next is a Monday, 11/25/74 full-page ad for Montgomery Ward's 10% Off Sale and a Wednesday, 11/27/74 ad for Franklin Park Mall (Help Wake Up Santa!).

Today's last addition is a Monday, 12/30/74 Blade Peach Section story by Norman Dresser, “Whitmer Represented in Cotton Bowl Show.” Happy Holidays to all!