December 28, 2012: Five More "Happy New Year" Ads


First of all, my mother is doing much better. The surgery was successful, she's out of the hospital and is cuurently in an assisted care facility for therapy, and hopefully soon to be on her way home.

I added five more ads today, from 1975-1979, four of them in the Holiday Season Ads gallery. There's a Tuesday, 12/30/75 ad for Toledo Trust, a Tuesday, 12/27/77 ad for a New Year's Eve appearance by Soupy Sales at the UT Student Union Auditorium, a Sunday, 1/1/78 ad for First Federal Savings of Toledo, and a Wednesday, 12/26/79 ad for Dominic's New Year's Eve.

There's also one addition to the Football Bowl Game Gallery, a Friday, 12/28/79 ad for the 1979 Gator Bowl on WKLR-FM. Michigan lost to North Carolina, 17-15. October 1980 ads from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...