Welcome to the new VINTAGE TOLEDO TV Website. You'll find more galleries with larger images. For instance there are now fifteen galleries just for WTOL-TV, Channel 11 ads. four for general ads, five for movie ads, four for news ads, one just for PM Magazine ads, and one for Comment and Series One ads. Also, some galleries have been eliminated, like the News/Special Reports gallery, the Sci-Fi/Horror Movies gallery, and the out-of-town ads galleries. Right now, the holiday ads gallery links are not here, but I may bring those back. Most of the ads in those eliminated galleries are still here, in other galleries. Most of the images in the old Random Pages Gallery can be found in the Magazine & Newspaper Stories galleries. Also, you may find links to the old images no longer work. I also lost image descriptions and hope to replace those eventually, but with over 22,000 images that will probably take me years to complete. I'll be adding more images that I'll let you know about in "What's New" and I'll be making other changes in the future. One more thing. You can right click an image to open in a new tab for a full-size version.