June 3, 2009

I uploaded 23 more ads today from March and April 1980. There are two more channel 7 ads on the News/Special Reports page for Bill Bond's Special Reports on Joe Louis Arena and Fermi II. You'll find another WXYZ ad on the channel 7 page for Turning Points with Tom Sullivan. I added four more to the channel 2 page, including one for the 2nd Annual Detroit Emmy Awards (hosted by Dick Purtan) and one for the 1980 Easter Seal Telethon (hosted locally by Mort Crim) to the channel 4 page. There's an ad for Sports Afield on the channel 9 page and two more ads for game shows on the WTOL page and there are three more WDHO ads. One has Rosemary Collins, Paul Rae, Jim Tichy and Dave Carlson (on the 24 news page) and one is for the premiere of AM Magazine with Paul W. Smith. Also on the WDHO page is an ad about channel 24 becoming Toledo's first 24-hour station (on Fridays and Saturdays). There's another ON-TV ad on the channel 20 page. There are three channel 50 additions: One for the premiere of "Top of the World" and  one for the premiere of Prisoner: Cell Block H. On the 50 movie page is an ad for James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart in "Angels with Dirty Faces" on the 8:00 Movie. There's an ad for the series finale of Hawaii Five-0 on the CBS page and one for the premiere of Fridays on the ABC page. I can still remember seeing The Clash playing songs from "London Calling" on Fridays later that year. I also added three more to the Other Vintage Ads page including one for Project: Health 1980 which was sponsored by WXYZ and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.