June 4, 2009

I added 24 more ads from April and May, 1980 today. On the channel 2 page are ads for different weekday shows airing between 7AM and 8PM. On the channel 7 page is an ad for their 7:30 game shows and one for Match Game PM. You'll also find three more channel 7 ads on the News/ Special Reports page along with two more channel 11 ads. On the channel 11 page are two more Match Game ads and two Big Show ads, one for "Easy Rider" and one for Star Trek week. There's an ad for Get Smart & The Partridge Family on the channel 20 page and on the channel 24 page is and ad for A New Day with Michael Collins, an ad for a Toledo Tuned In/Solid Gold 79 special along with an ad for 24's Weeknight Funnies. That ad still has Benny Hill, Redd Foxx and Carroll O'Connor drawings even though Benny Hill has been replaced by Tom & Jerry cartoons. The ad was corrected in the May 10th issue of TV Guide and I'll post that one tomorrow. There are three more 8 O'Clock Movie ads on the channel 50 movie page and there's an ad for the Hooray for Reading special on the WKBD page as well. And you'll find an ad for Slim Whitman's "All My Best" record on the Other Vintage Ads page. More May 1980 ads coming next.