June 2, 2009

I added 25 ads today, all but one from February 1980. There are two WJBK additions, one for Maude and a two-page Eyewitness News ad on the channel 2 news page for "The Look of Detroit for the '80s." There are three more 4:00 Movie ads and another Match Game PM ad on the channel 7 page. Also there are three more ads on the News/Specail Reports page from WXYZ. On the channel 11 page you'll find two Late Show ads and 2 Star Trek ads (combined) from when WTOL showed episodes back-to-back for a week at 4:00 PM. I added another Randy Price ad on the channel 13 news page and one for Get Smart on the channel 20 page. There's also one for the pay-tv service ON-TV on the channel 20 page. There are a two more ads on the WDHO page, one for "The Top of the Hill." There's another ad (The Team Can Do!) on the 24 news page as well. There are seven more channel 50 ads including three on the 50 Movie page. One ad is for the Solid Gold '79 special which aired on March 3, 1980.