May 12, 2009

I added five more ads to the News Special Reports page from February 1978. I also added four more to the WTOL page: 2 for The Big Show, one for ch 11 news, and one for the best game show ever, The Match Game with Gene Rayburn. That one is for Dick DeBartolo ( Note: There are other ads for Match Game PM on the channel 7 and channel 13 pages and one for Match Game '77 on the CBS page. I also put up 2 channel 24 ads. One is for news and one for Sha Na Na. I also added four to the channel 50 page. One is an ad for Wolverine Basketball, one for a Shirley Temple movie, one for Bill Kennedy's "Hunchback of Notre Dame"  and one for the Tomorrow Show's move from channel 4 to channel 50. There are three new ads for channel 4's News 4 Plus Four and one for The Muppet Show. I also added an ad with Robbie Timmons, Joe Glover and Beverly Payne to the channel 2 page and a channel 7 ad for Planet of the Apes week on the 4:00 Movie to the Sci-Fi & Horror Movies page.