May 13, 2009

First, I'd like to thank Chris S. for posting the link to this page on the Michigan Radio & TV Buzzboard last week. That link alone has provided most of the traffic here. I hope everybody who found this site there have been enjoying the ads. I plan to start posting there once my account is activated.

I added 28 more ads today including one with the TV2 news team in February 1978 and 4 ads for TV2 prime time movies. There are four additional ads for News 4 featuring John Butte, Dwayne X. Riley, Doug Bruckner and Robert Vito. There's a new TV20 ad, a channel 9 ad and 2 new channel 13 ads as well. Toledo Goaldiggers fans will find an ad on the channel 11 page for a game with the Fort Wayne Komets broadcast in 1978 along with another Heitz-Ashton-Tabner ad and a Mary Tyler Moore show ad on the channel 11 page. I added another Kelly & Company ad to the channel 7 page and a "The Three Stooges Meet Hercules" ad on the channel 50 page. You'll find three more ads on the CBS page including one for the Dallas premiere. Roy Rogers promoting Vita-Flea is one of 2 additional ads on the Other Vintage Ads page.