October 2, 2009

There are 22 additions today from October and November 1970. The channel 2 gallery has one for the daytime game show, The Movie Game and the channel 2 news gallery has one for 1970 election coverage with Jac LeGoff and John Kelly. The channel 4 gallery has three more Profiles in Black ads and the channel 4 news gallery has three more 'Laugh a Little!' ads. In the channel 7 gallery you'll find five more movie ads for "The Honeymoon Machine" with Steve McQueen, "The Young Philadelphians" with Paul Newman, "A Raisin in the Sun" with Sidney Poitier, "Bus Stop" with Marilyn Monroe and "The Pink Panther" with Peter Sellers and David Niven. The channel 9 gallery has ads for Get Smart, It Takes a Thief, The New Barbara McNair Show and The Saint. There's another one for The Mike Douglas Show in the channel 24 gallery and in the channel 50 gallery there's another one for Star Trek and one for The 10PM News with Ken Thomas. There are also two additions to the Random Pages Gallery. One is a full-page close-up for 1970 Election coverage and the other has two pages of listings for Saturday shows including a Sir Graves Ghastly double feature, The Michigan Sportsman and At the Zoo. You can also check out some of the 1970 Saturday morning network shows.