May 4, 2019: Accident or Suicide?

There are seven additions today, from October 1956 editions of The Toledo Blade.

There are four additions to the WSPD-TV 13 Ads Gallery 2:

Wednesday, 10/3/56 ad, for Dr. Christian, starring MacDonald Carey and sponsored by Hekman Club Crackers (Was it Accident or Suicide?).

Friday, 10/5/56 ad, for the premiere of Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre, starring Robert Ryan and sponsored by Instant Maxwell House Coffee.

Sunday, 10/7/56 ad, for the Stage 7 presentation of "Hour of Truth" with Ricardo Montalban, sponsored by Toledo Edison.

Thursday, 10/11/56 ad, for the premiere of The Sheriff of Cochise, with John Bromfield, sponsored by Mobilgas.

There are three additions to the Blade Peach Section Gallery 1:

Two Thursday, 10/4/56 "On The Beam" items by Ray Oviatt, one about 15-year-old Carolyn Kovarik of Rossford, and one about new Toleodan Maxine Darland Wagner.

Friday, 10/5/56 picture of "Beauty Queen In Filmdom" Myrna Hansen.

Thursday, 10/11/56 "On The Beam" story by Ray Oviatt titled "ABC Knocking Off The Big Fellows."

More October 1956 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...