March 17, 2019: Badge 714

There are seven additions today, all from January 1956.

There's one addition to the WSPD-TV 13 Ads Gallery 2:

Two Thursday, 1/12/56 ads, the top one for "The Hanging Judge" on Climax!, sponsored by Chrysler, and the bottom one for Badge 714, the syndicated title of old Dragnet episodes, sponsored by Red & White Super Markets.

There are four additions to the WTOL-AM Gallery:

Tuesday, 1/10/56 ad (To Toledo citizens, we of radio station WTOL...pledge ourselves...35 New Top Programs...)

Thursday, 1/12/56 ad (35 Top New Programs...stars: Dorothy Kilgallen, Fred MacMurray, Humphrey Bogart, Irene Dunne, Lauren Bacall, Boston Blackie, Guy Lombardo, Wayne King, Cisco Kid...

Tuesday, 1/17/56 ad, another one for WTOL's new line-up of top radio shows...

Thursday, 1/19/56 ad, for Boston Blackie.

There are two additions to The Blade Peach Section Gallery 1:

Wednesday, 1/11/56 picture of Elizabeth Montgomery, "Making Debut In Movies."

Two Tuesday, 1/17/56 'On The Beam' items, by Ray Oviatt, one about camera crews shooting scenes at the Toledo Zoo and Art Museum for The Ohio Story, and one about Dr. and Mrs. Frank Rawling and their children at Walt Disney's Magic Kindom, on WTOL-AM.

More 1956 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...