November 18, 2012: Family Matters


I added 22 more ads today from January and February 1980 plus three more Random Pages gallery additions from Peach Sections of The Blade. There are two by Norman Dresser, a Wednesday, 1/23/80 “About People, Events In Broadcasting World” entry featuring several local items, and two Friday, 1/25/80 stories, one about the channel 30 program, Family Matters and one about channel 4 in Detroit cancelling the mini-series, Edward and Mrs. Simpson. There's also a Saturday, 2/2/80 story, “Skunda New 'Hotline' Host.” There are three additional ads in the Channel 11 gallery, the first two, in one image, for Edward and Mrs. Simpson, a Wednesday, 1/30/80 ad and a Thursday, 1/31/80 ad, and there's a Saturday, 2/2/80 ad for two movies on The Late Show, “How to Steal a Million” and “The Swinger.” There are two more channel 11 ads, among the eight additions to the News/Special Reports Ads gallery, a Monday, 1/28/80 ad for a Dan Buckley series of Toledo Eleven News reports, “Social Insecurity,” and a Monday, 2/4/80 ad for a Jim Proctor series of reports, “Morning Radio: The Flip-Side.” There's also a similar TV Guide ad here. There's also one ad for 13 Nightly News, a Monday, 2/4/80 ad for a “Toledo Unit” report on busing in Toledo. And there are five 24 Eyewitness News ads for a series of Larry Whatley Eyewitness Close Up reports, “Incest: The Silent Assault,” a Monday, 1/28/80 ad, a Tuesday, 1/29/80 ad, a Wednesday, 1/30/80 ad, a Thursday, 1/31/80 ad and a Friday, 2/1/80 ad. There's also one addition to the Channel 13 gallery, a Saturday, 2/2/80 ad for The 13 Sunday Night Movie, “Serpico” (Al Pacino). There are five additions to the PBS gallery, all for channel 30. There are two more for Free to Choose, a Friday, 1/25/90 ad for “Anatomy of a Crisis” and a Friday, 2/1/80 ad for “From Cradle to Grave.” There are two for Family Matters, a Monday, 1/28/80 ad for the premiere episode, “The Peters,” and a Monday, 2/4/80 ad for “The Kampfs.” There's also a Thursday, 1/31/80 ad for Vibrations, with Toledo folk singer Dave Browning. There's one addition to the Radio Station Ads gallery, a Wednesday, 1/23/80 ad for Olympic Night at the January 25th Toledo Goaldiggers game, sponsored by WLQR, Toledo's official Winter Olympics radio station. There are four additions to the Other Vintage ads gallery, a Friday, 1/25/80 ad for Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants, a Tuesday, 1/29/80 full-page ad for Gulf Oil Corporation, a Thursday, 1/31/80 full-page ad for Lane's Drug Stores, and a Tuesday, 2/5/80 ad for a Phil Donahue book signing at Waldenbooks' Southwyck store. Also, please check out the Thanksgiving Ads gallery. I'll ad a few more to that gallery on Wednesday, More February 1980 ads from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way.