March 27, 2010: Guts+Glory Week

There are 18 additions today, 11 of them in the Ohio/W. Pennsylvania gallery. From three November and December 1984 Toledo-Lima TV Guides there are two WDTN-2 ads, one forn Donahue (Phil Donahue) and one for People's Court (Judge Joseph Wapner), one WHIO-TV7 ad wishing Happy Holidays and one WKEF-TV22 ad for Three's Company (Suzanne Somers, John Ritter, Joyce Dewitt). From the February 23-29, 1992 issue of The Cleveland Plain Dealer TV Week there are three WOIO-TV19/Fox ads, one for Sunday night shows Hidden Video, In Living Color, Roc, Married...With Children, Herman's Head and Sunday Comics, one for the movie "Wanted: Dead or Alive" (Rutger Hauer) and one for Thursday night shows The Simpsons and Beverly Hills 90210 (Luke Perry, Shannen Doherty). There are also three WUAB-TV43 movie ads, one for "Bloodsport" (Jean-Claude Van Damme), one for "Cobra" (Sylvester Stallone) and one for "Protocol" (Goldie Hawn). There's also a list of channels with each station's phone numbers and with VCR Plus numbers and in the Cable gallery there's a USA Network ad for Friday night shows Beyond Reality, Ray Bradbury Theater (David Birney) and Swamp Thing (Adam Curry). The rest are in the Michigan gallery from two 1990 Flint-Lansing issues of TV Guide. There's a channel listing pic and two WKAR-TV23 (E. Lansing PBS) ads, one for John Bradshaw on Homecoming and one for holiday specials Peter, Paul and Mary Holiday Concert and Kenny Rogers in Concert, two WFUM-TV28 (Flint PBS) ads, one also for John Bradshaw on Homecoming and one for two Big Band Extravaganza specials with Lawrence Welk and Merv Griffin and a WSYM-TV47 (Lansing) ad for Highway to Heaven. Next time I'll have more ads from December 31, 1984 and from January and February 1985 including some more Dayton ads and some ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO and TBS ads as well.