September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day! I uploaded 16 more today, from February-April 1992. On the channel 36 page you'll find five more for the movies, "Club Paradise," "Summer Rental," "Big Trouble in Little China," "Uncommon Valor" and "Roxanne." On the channel 24 page is another one for The Editors. The ToledoVision 5 page has six more for Faerie Tale Theatre, WKRP in Cincinnati, Magic Johnson's All-Star Slam 'n Jam, The Northern Ohio Golf Almanac, more NHL games and a schedule for April 1992. You'll find one for the last episode of The Cosby Show on the NBC page and one for a Happy Days Reunion Special on the ABC page. The last two are on the Other Vintage ads page . They're ads for Taster's Choice Coffee (see pic on left), letting you know where you can find their latest TV commercials. You can find some of those commercials on YouTube. More ads from 1992 are coming, including some WBGU-TV 27 ads.