July 11, 2009

I added 19 more ads today from September-November 1983. There are only two Detroit ads and one's almost identical to one I added yesterday to the channel 50 page for their weeknight line-up. The other is for the now-syndicated Fame. Ads from the Detroit stations are going to be few and far between from now on because most of the TV Guides I have after this are the Toledo-Lima edition. I also added six more to the channel 24 page for Hour Magazine & Here's Lucy, The BJ/Lobo Show, Little House on the Prairie, Fame, Wheel of Fortune and their 'Saturday Night in Toledo' shows, Star Search and Soul Train. On the News/Special Reports page are three Toledo 11 ads for reports by Jeff Heitz and Jill Olmsted (Surviving the '80s), Deborah Foggio (Rape!) and Terry Thill (The Pendulum Swings). On the ABC page are two new ads. One is for 25 Years of ABC Daytime and the other is for the return of Genie Francis on General Hospital. On the NBC page are three new ads. One is for the ninth season premiere of Saturday Night Live with a cast pic which included Eddie Murphy, Joe Piscopo and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. There's also one for the fourth season premiere of Hill Street Blues with a god pic of the cast and the other is for the premiere of The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour (this was a really bad idea). And on the Other Vintage Ads page there are three additions. One has Ed McMahon pitching Colonial Penn Life Insurance, one is for a Philco Better Buy Now Sale (which has a list of Northwest Ohio dealers) and the other is for a Star Trek 200th Anniversary Buckle. Coming next: Ads from the end of 1983 and the beginning of 1984.