April 12, 2019: Baseball Scoreboard

There are eight additions today, from June 1956 editions of The Toledo Blade.

There are two additions to the WSPD-TV 13 Ads Gallery 2:

Friday, 6/1/56 Century Power Mower Center ad, for sports programming they sponsored on Channel 13, Baseball Scoreboard, after Saturday's Detroit-New York game.

Tuesday, 6/28/56 ad, for Susie, starring Ann Sothern and Don Porter, sponsored by Drewrys Beer.

There are also two additions to the 1950s Detroit TV Station ads in The Blade Gallery:

Monday, 6/18/56 ad, for Medic, "Reach of a Giant," about arthritis, on WWJ-TV, Channel 4.

Thursday, 6/28/56 ad, for a special on WJBK-TV, Channel 2, about a possible "Steel Strike."

There are two additions to The Blade Peach Section Gallery 1:

Monday, 6/4/56 picture of Leigh Snowden, titled "A Nice Catch, Eh What?"

Thursday, 7/21/56 "On The Beam" story by Ray Oviatt, titled "Local Radio Station Airs A New Show," about WSPD's evening call-in talk show, The People Speak.

There are two more "other" ads...

One addition to the Toledo Area Events...Gallery # 2:

Tuesday, 6/20/56 ad, for Devil's Lake, "Michigan's most fascinating resort."

One addition to the Food-Drinks-Tobacco-Misc Products Gallery 2:

Friday, 6/29/56 ad, quoting Mort Neff of Michigan Outdoors, for National Bohemian Beer, distributed locally by Lucas County Distributing Co.

More 1956 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...