February 7, 2019: the News You Want--The Way You Want It

There are eight additions today, all from August 1955, however there are no ads for TV stations.

There are two radio station ads...

One addition to the WSPD-AM Gallery:

Tuesday, 8/2/55 ad, for The Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild Award Dinner Broadcast, on NBC.

One addition to the WOHO-WXEZ-WKLR Gallery:

Wednesday, 8/10/55 ad, for Paul King with the News (The News You Want--The Way You Want It).

There are two additions to The Blade Peach Section Gallery 1:

Tuesday. 8/9/55 picture of Debbie Reynolds' "All-American Back."

Another 8/9/55 picture, of Marilyn Monroe in a dress with a "Fine Fit."

There are four more "other" ads...

One addition to the Auto Manufacturers/Dealers Ads Gallery:

Wednesday, 8/3/55 Chevrolet ad (Nothing Goes like a Chevrolet V8! Toledo Chevy dealers then were Jim White, Kopf, Weissenberger, and Lownsbury.

One addition to the Blade & Other Periodicals ads Gallery:

Tuesday, 8/9/55 Toledo Blade--Toledo Times ad ("You Can Buy It in Toledo").

One addition to the Retailers # 3 Gallery:

Tuesday, 8/9/55 Roth Furs ad , announcing that the store would be closed for two days due to the death of Ferdinand Roth. [ Roth Furs ]

And there's one addition to the TV-Radio ads Gallery:

Wednesday, 8/10/55 ad, for Jamieson's Hi-Fi in Toledo. [ Jamieson's ]

More August 1955 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...