February 23, 2019: Watch 1976

There are ten additions today, all from October 1955.

There's are two additions to the WSPD-TV 13 Ads Gallery 2:

Friday, 10/7/55 ad, for the NBC special, 1976, sponsored by The Pure Oil Company.

Another 10/7/55 ad, for The Honeymooners, sponsored by Buick.

There are four ads for radio stations...

Two additions to the WTOL-AM Gallery:

Thursday, 10/6/55 ad, for The Rudy Ertis - Joe Weaver Show, heard afternoons.

Friday, 10/7/55 ad, for local and national news with Ivan Harvey.

One addition to the WOHO-WXEZ-WKLR Gallery:

Friday, 10/7/55 ad, for a Toledo University vs. Miami University football game, sponsored by Ansberg-West Mortuary.

One addition to the Other Radio Stations/Networks Gallery:

Thursday, 10/13/55 ad, for Build Our Port Now, a political program supporting the Toledo-Lucas County Port Levy, heard on WSPD-AM, WOHO-AM, WTOL-AM, and WTOD-AM.

There are two additions to The Blade Peach Section Gallery 1:

Monday, 10/3/55 publicity picture of Anne Francis ("Study In Lace").

Thursday, 10/13/55 'On The Beam' item by Ray Oviatt, about the return of The University of Michigan Television Hour, on Detroit's WWJ-TV, Channel 4.

There are two more "other" ads...

One addition to the Retailers # 3 Gallery:

Tuesday, 10/11/55 full-page ad for the grand opening of Toledo's Miracle Mile Shopping Center.

One addition to the Toledo Area Events... Gallery # 2:

Tuesday, 10/11/55 ad, for Nicholson Concrete Co., celebrating two big openings, the Miracle Mile Shopping Center and The Ohio Turnpike.

More October 1955 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...