February 20, 2019: Ohio's Super Turnpike

All of today's additions are ads related to the opening of the Ohio Turnpike, found in The Toledo Blade's special Saturday, October 1, 1955 Ohio Turnpike Section.

There's one addition to the Auto Manufacturers/Dealers Ads Gallery:

Full-page General Motors ad (One Good Highway Deserves Another...)

There are two additions to the Auto Service-Parts-Repair Gallery:

Sinclair Refining Company ad (Sinclair Salutes America's Finest Super Highway...)

Cities Service ad (Cities Service Salutes Ohio!...upon the dedication of the great new Ohio Turnpike...)

There are two additions to the Toledo Area Events...Gallery # 2:

Portland Cement Association ad (Ohio's "Highway of Tomorrow" is yours to use today...)

Howard T. Moriarty Co. full-page ad (We are proud to have been a part in the building of Ohio's Super Turnpike...)

There's also one addition to the Utilities Gallery:

Ohio Bell ad (A salute to progress...)

More October 1955 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...