Past Toledo Television Personalities

Incomplete list in no particular order:

Gordon Ward (News), Frank Venner (News and Weather-in-the-Weather) , Jim Rudes (News), David Drury (Ch 13 Editorials), Jim Ubelhart (News) , Jerry Kiel (Sports), Don Edwards (News), John Saunders (News), Frank Gihooley (Sports), Jeff Heitz (News), Joe Ashton (Weather and Dialing for Dollars), Holly Wood (24 News), Orris Tabner (Sports), Bill Spencer (Uncle Ben), Brooks Morton (Mr. T), Jack Kesling (Mr. T), Johnny Ginger (For and About Women on ch. 24 and Glass City Marquee on W48AP), Bev Schwind and Sue Donner (Patches and Pockets), Bob Kelly (Skippy the Scarecrow).