December 21, 2016: Millennium

You'll find sixteen additions today, from the December 25-31, 1999 and January 1-7, 2000 issues of TV Guide Magazine, and from the January 1, 2000 edition of The Blade. The first nine are from TV Guide, part of twelve additions to the Holiday Season Ads gallery, starting with a full-page color ad for HBO ('Twas the night before Christmas...Happy Holidays!). Next is a Johnson+Johnson ad, also in color, for The Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade, on ABC. It's followed by a Saturday, 12/25/99 ABC ad and TV Guide "Holiday close-up" for that same event. Next are three Friday, 12/31/99 "Millennium close-ups," one for MTV 2 Large, the cable channel's Y2K countdown show (The Backstreet Boys), one for Millennium 2000 on PBS (Gwen Ifill), and one for ABC 2000 (Dick Clark). It's followed by three Friday, 12/31/99 "Millennium" ads, a PBS ad for Millennium 2000 (Around the World, Around the Clock!), a full-page ad for ABC 2000 (24 Hours. 7 Countries. 1 Network.), and a page-and-a-half CBS ad, for their New Year's Eve line-up of Late Show with David Letterman, at 8:00, Grammy's Greatest Performances, at 9:00, and America's Millennium, at 10:00 (Will Smith). You can also find a larger version of that ad, here. There's also a Saturday, 1/1/2000 TV Guide page with some 12:00-1:30 pm listings and a "holiday close-up" for The Tournament of Roses Parade on ABC, CBS, and NBC. There are also three additions from The Blade's 1/1/2000 edition, the front page (2000, We're still here. Happy New Year, everyone), followed by a full-page Business Section ad for Team Toledo (2000 Toledo, a millennium community...) and two Peach Section ads. The first one is an HGTV ad for The 2000 Tournament of Roses Parde. The second one is a TBS ad for the New Year's Day Comedy Cure movie marathon, featuring "City Slickers," with Billy Crystal and Jack Palance. There are also four additions, all from TV Guide, to the Football Bowl Game Ads gallery starting with a full-page color ad for Ford's Taurus Touchdown Drive Sweepstakes. The Bowl Championship Series consisted of The Rose Bowl, The Orange Bowl, The Fiesta Bowl, and The Sugar Bowl, all on ABC. The ad ended with the line, "The more touchdowns scored - the more Ford Taurus' given away!" Next is a Saturday, 12/25/99 full-page Jeep ad for The Aloha Bowl on ABC and The O'ahu Bowl on ESPN. There's also a Saturday, 1/1/2000 full-page "sports close-up" with the New Year's Day Bowl Guide, followed by a 1/1/2000 full-page ad, for The Cotton Bowl, on Fox (Texas Longhorns vs. Arkansas Razorbacks). Happy Holidays, everbody! More ads, from the July 31-August 6, 1999 issue of TV Guide Magazine, and from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...(after Christmas.)