September 16, 2015: Dan Rather


I had a request to post some higher-definition ads with Dan Rather. Here are the links to 12 ads:


2News810504        (WJBK Detroit)   7960x3600   3.70MB

48Hrs810119          (Series Premiere)   2360x3600   1.34MB

48Hours900125      (Paul McCartney)   3700x3600   3.94MB

48Hours950928      (Bombs)   3200x2800   1.38MB

CBSNews810309     (repl. Cronkite)   4500x3600   3.55MB

CBSNews841106     (Election Night)  2380x3600   4.07MB

CBSNews881108     (Election Night)  2340x3600   1.29MB

CBSNews881117     (4 Days in Nov.) 3180x5800   5.26MB

CBSNews930912     (& Connie Chung) 400x3600   2.04MB

CBSRep630918       ("Priest & Pol...") 1320x2600   1.15MB

WCWA840728         (Radio News)      2380x4180   1.08MB

WCWA850423         (on Radio)           580 x 1400   301KB


Let me know if you need any more.