March 31, 2015: Buckeye CableSystem Salutes The Jeep Workforce

There are ten more ads today, three from the April 19-25, 1997 issue of TV Guide Magazine and seven from The Blade's Sunday, April 20, 1997 special section, "The Many Faces of Jeep." One of those ads is an addition to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery, (Buckeye CableSystem Salutes The Jeep Work Force That Keeps Toledo Strong). There are three additions (all TV Guide ads) to the Vintage Cable Ads gallery starting with a Saturday, 4/19/97 ad for Nickelodeon's 10th Annual Kid's Choice Awards (Rosie O'Donnell). The image has the entire two pages on which the ad appeared which included the close-up description for that 90-minute program and some 8:00 pm listings. Next is a Sunday, 4/20/97 ad for "James and the Giant Peach" on the Disney Channel, followed by another 4/20/97 ad, for HBO's Happily Ever After, "Thumbelina" which starred the voices of Harvey Fierstein, Edward James Olmos, Rosie Perez and Antonio Sabato, Jr. The rest of today's ads are additions to the Other Vintage ads gallery, all "Jeep" ads. There first one is a full-page "ProMedica loves it's Jeep" ad, followed by a

"The Andersons Loves Jeep!" ad

Next is a Northwestern Ohio Building Trades Council ad, followed by a Buckeye TeleSystem ad (The Key to a Stronger Community) and a Kroger ad (Jeep is Good for Toledo). Today's last ad is a full-page Local 12, UAW ad (Jeep Workers, Congratulations on a job well done!).

More April 1997 ads, from the April 19-25, 1997 issue of TV Guide Magazine and from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...