February 5, 2015: New Channels

There are eleven more ads today, all from December 1996, plus one more Random Pages gallery addition, a Monday, 12/23/96 Blade Peach Section story by Chris Borrelli, "Sweep Ratings Show Signs of Life in Ch. 13 Newscasts" and also includes two other items. All of the ads today are additions to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery starting with a Saturday, 12/14/96 ad for "Hoffa" on TNT (Jack Nicholson). Next is a Sunday, 12/15/96 full-page ad for the Disney Channel (Bring Disney Home...New Lower Price!), followed by a Tuesday, 12/17/96 ad for The NBA on TNT (L.A. Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls). There's also a Wednesday, 12/19/96 ad for Biography, "Marlon Brando: Breaking All the Rules" on A&E, followed by a Thursday, 12/19/96 half-page ad for Home and Family (Christna Ferrare), Carol Burnett & Friends, Rescue 911 (William Shatner) and Highway to Heaven (Michael Landon) on the Family Channel. There's another 12/19/96 ad, for Nickelodeon (More Action. More Adventure. More Surprises...), a Monday, 12/23/96 half-page ad for WGN (The Bulls are Back!), and a Thursday, 12/26/96 ad for TV Nation on Comedy Central (Michael Moore). You'll also find a Sunday, 12/29/96 ad for WCW Starrcade 1996 on Impulse Entertainment, a Monday, 12/23/96 ad for Rhoda on Nick-at-Nite, and another 12/30/96 ad (Buckeye CableSystem's New Channels...TLC and PASS, new to standard service. On Sunday I'll begin adding ads from 1997.

In addition to ads from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, I'll also be adding TV Guide ads again (from the Toledo-Lima edition).