August 15, 2013: In Too Deep


I added thirteen more ads today, from May and June 1987, plus two more Random Pages gallery additions, from Peach Sections of The Blade, both by Tom Ensign. The first one is a Friday, 6/12/87 story, “Toledo To Participate In People Meter Ratings Service” and also includes other “Around Television” items and one about WJR broadcasting from Toledo. The other one is a Friday, 6/19/87 story, “Ch. 24 Getting Its Act Together With Quiet Changes” and also includes news about emmy nominations for channels 11 and 13. There are two addtions to the News/Special Reports Ads gallery, a Tuesday, 5/26/87 ad for a Toledo 11 News report by Bruce Maxwell on Adrian workers with cancer, and a Wednesday, 5/27/87 ad for a 13 News report by Gordon Ward on boating safety (“In Too Deep”). There are two additions to the Channel 36 gallery including a Tuesday, 5/21/87 ad for the Cinema TV 36 Primetime Movie, “The Golden Gate Murders” and other shows, including Diff'rent Strokes, Get Smart, Gimme a Break, Too Close for Comfort, Gunsmoke and The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, plus the Sunday night Fox series, Duet. There's also a Wednesday, 6/3/87 ad for The Children's Miracle Network Telethon (WTVG's Bill Harris, K-100's Jack Mitchell, WSPD's Bill Stewart, and WTOL-TV's Jill Olmsted and Orris Tabner), There are also two additions to the PBS gallery, both for channel 30. The first one is a Thursday, 5/21/87 ad for The Wonderful World of Disney, “An Officer and a Duck,” the movie, “Men of the Fighting Lady,” and The Everly Brothers Rock 'n' Roll Reunion. The second one is a Tuesday, 6/2/87 ad for The Channel 30 Bonus Buy-In. There's one addition to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery, a Monday, 6/8/87 ad. It was a small, one-column wide ad for The New CableSystem.

There are two additions to the Radio Station Ads gallery. The first one is a Sunday, 6/21/87 Entertainemnt Section ad for a Perry Como concert at Centennial Hall, sponsored by WLQR-FM. The other one is a Monday, 6/22/87 ad for the morning crew at WSPD-AM (Deb Trombley, Rich Hoffer, Jude LaCava, Jerry Keil).

The last four ads today are all additions to the Other Vintage ads gallery, including two full-page Kroger ads for the Jamie Farr LPGA Toledo Classic at Glengarry Country Club, a Monday 6/22/87 ad, and a Monday, 6/29/87 ad (Meet Jamie Farr). There's one more full-page ad, a Tuesday, 6/30/87 ad for Coke, with “Max Headroom.”

The last one is another 6/30/87 ad, for Toledo Riverfest at the Toledo Sports Arena. July 1987 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade are on the way...