April 16, 2013: Are You Living With a Thief?


I added twelve more ads today, all from June 1983, plus four more Random Pages gallery additions from Peach Sections of The Blade, all by Tom Gearhart.. There are two Thursday, 6/2/83 stories, “5 Members of Channel 24 News Department Laid Off” and “Channel 11 Hires Reporter, Program Manager.” Next is a Friday, 6/3/83 story, “Former Toledoan Named Outstanding Newswoman” (Marsha Bonhart) and also includes other items concerning Toledo radio stations and WGTE-TV. There's also a Thursday, 6/9/83 story, “Ch. 30, 57 Earn Oebies For Contributions To TV” and also includes other items, about late night programming on The CableSystem, HBO, WMHE-FM and channel 44 in Lima. And there's a Wednesday, 6/29/83 story, “'PM Magazine' Cancellation Slated” and also includes other items, about Joe Ashton, High School Quiz, channel 30 shows and Larry Jewett. There are no ads today for channels 11, 13 and 24, but there are three additions to the PBS gallery for channel 30 including two for Leo Buscaglia specials, a Wednesday, 6/1/83 ad and a Saturday, 6/4/83 ad. The other one is a Friday, 6/3/83 ad for the special, The Kingston Trio and Friends: Reunion. There are four additions to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery including two for the Cable Health Network's Diabetes: Update '83, a Wednesday, 6/1/83 ad (Are you living with a thief?) and a Thursday, 6/2/83 ad. There's also a Tuesday, 6/14/83 ad for The Cliff Erickson Show and a Sunday, 6/19/83 ad for The Blade Cablenews channels (Go to the races this season...). The rest of today's additions are in the Other Vintage ads gallery. First is a Tuesday, 6/14/83 ad for “Disney on Parade” at North Towne Square, followed by a Saturday, 6/18/83 ad for Dominic's Restaurant.

There's also a Tuesday, 6/21/83 ad for Sylvania Savings Bank, a Saturday, 6/25/83 ad for the Recycling Station, featuring the characters Casey T Dragon, Chewliet, Jaws, Buzzy T. Bee and Count Cracula, and a Thursday, 6/10/83 “Ohio Summer Sizzle” ad.

July and August1983 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...