December 17, 2013: Holiday Double Feature!


There are sixteen additional ads today, fifteen of them in the Holiday Season Ads gallery, starting with two Food Town ads, a Sunday, 11/20/88 two-page ad for the 1988 Holiday Parade, and a Monday, 11/28/88 full-page ad for the Toys for Tots program. You can also find a larger version of the two-page ad here. There's a Thursday, 12/1/88 ad for the 1988 Hallmark Christmas Album, and a Saturday, 12/3/88 ad for Sounds of the Season on WLQR-FM. Next is a Tuesday, 12/6/88 ad (Happy Holidays from Land O' Lakes Butter), followed by another 12/6/88 ad for Speedway (Christmas Wish Giv-a-way!). There are two ads for WGTE-TV 30, a Saturday, 12/10/88 ad for "A Disney Christmas Gift" and "Going My Way" (Holiday Double Feature!) and a Sunday, 12/11/88 ad for for the movies, "Babes in Toyland" and "It's a Wonderful Life," Leo Buscaglia: Stories of Christmas Love, Luciano Pavarotti: A Christmas Special, and A Peter, Paul and Mary Holiday Concert. There's also a Friday, 12/23/88 ad for Frank Unkle's Restaurant (Open Christmas Eve 4-9), a Saturday, 12/24/88 full-page ad (Happy Holidays from...The Blade), and a Sunday, 12/25/88 ad (Merry Christmas from everyone at Murray's). And you'll find a Sunday, 11/13/89 ad for Wicke's Lumber (Santa's Gift Ideas), a Monday, 12/4/89 ad for Centel Cellular (What to get the person who's always on the go), a Saturday, 12/23/89 full-page ad (Happy Holidays from...The Blade), and a Thursday, 12/28/89 ad for Someplace Else, in Sylvania (New Year's Eve with Eddie Boggs). Today's last ad is an addition to the Football Bowl Game Ads gallery, a Sunday, 1/1/89 ad for The Gator Bowl, on ESPN. Michigan State lost to Georgia, 34-27. That's it for this year's holiday ads. I'll be taking a break from updating the site until after Christmas. October 1990 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade are on the way...probably on Sunday, December 29. Happy Holidays, everybody!