November 26, 2013: Too Much Turkey?

You'll find six more ads today, all additions to the Thanksgiving gallery, all from the '80s. There's a Wednesday, 11/24/82 ad for Sohio (Sohio wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving) and a Thursday, 11/25/82 ad for PM Magazine on Channel 11, for the “Mitch's Toledo” segment, “Too Much Turkey?” (Jack Mitchell). There are three from 1985, a Monday, 11/18/85 full-page ad for Kroger, a Monday, 11/19/85 ad for HoneyBaked (Beef-up your Turkey Dinner with our Ham), and a Thursday, 11/29/85 ad for CBN's Thanksgiving Day programming, featuring “Indian Paint,” “Lil Scratch” and “The Red Pony.” There's also a Thursday, 11/2/89 ad for Hills (21st Gobbler Sweepstakes). These will probably be all that I will post this week. I should resume posting more ads on Sunday at the earliest, but it may not be until next Tuesday, when I'll begin posting over a hundred additional Christmas and New Year's ads. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all!