August 1, 2012: 13 Strong


I added 26 more ads today from January 1977, plus five more Random Pages gallery additions, from Peach Sections of The Blade. There are several by Norman Dresser, a Friday, 1/7/77 story, “Bill Clark Named To Staff of Ch. 13,” a Tuesday, 1/11/77 story, “Toledo's WGOR Radio Occupies New Offices,” several Friday, 1/14/77 stories, including “Ch. 11 Leads Local TV Outlets, According To Arbitron Ratings,” Buckeye's carraige of WGPR-TV 62 and WSPD-AM carrying Radio Adventure Theater, and a Tuesday, 1/25/77 story, “WGTE-FM Carrying City Council Sessions.” There's also another “Electronic Press Box” by Seymour Rothman, a Saturday, 1/22/77 story, “Can Goaldiggers Make It On Television, Where Big-Leaguers Can't Cut The Ice?” There are two additions to the Channel 11 gallery, a Monday, 1/13/77 ad, thanking viewers for making Toledo Eleven #1, and a Sunday, 1/30/77 ad, for their first Toledo Goaldiggers game, from Kalamazoo. There are sixteen additional ads in the Channel 13 gallery, including a Thursday, 1/13/77 ad for The Ohio Lottery Show ($1,6000,000 is up for grabs!). Next is a Tuesday, 1/18/77 ad asking, “13 Strong, What does it mean?” There are thirteen more January 1977 “13 Strong” ads combined into one image (eight one-column wide ads and five two-column wide ads). There's also a Thursday, 1/27/77 ad for the NBC special, The Parenthood Game, narrated by Bob Newhart, and a Monday, 1/31/77 ad, the first of several “Great Heritage Of...13 Strong” ads (George B. Storer). More to come on Friday. There are four Channel 30 ads in the PBS gallery, including a Tuesday, 1/4/77 ad for Call Your City Hall (Mayor Harry Kessler and Councilmen Douglas DeGood and Ray Kest). There's also a Tuesday, 1/11/77 ad for taped coverage of Grand Masters Tennis, a Tuesday, 1/18/77 ad for another National Geographic Special, “Voyage of the Hokule'a” and a Monday, 1/31/77 ad for two PBS programs, The Pallisers and Meeting of Minds. There are two additions to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery, a Thursday, 1/20/77 ad (Good Sports) and a Thursday, 1/27/77 ad (24-hour news and weather). Today's last two ads are in the Other Vintage ads gallery, a Thursday, 1/6/77 ad for Frisch's Hockey Night, featuring the Goaldiggers hosting the Columbus Owls at the Sports Arena, and a Thursday, 1/6/77 ad for Soupy Sales at Friar Tuck's in Maumee. February 1977 ads from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way..