June 15, 2012: From Politics to the Tiedtke Fire


I added only 9 ads today, all from December, 1975 plus three more Random Pages gallery additions from Peach Sections of The Blade. There's a Monday, 12/15/75 AP story, “Ann Arbor Man Receives Honor,” about Howard Heath, the founder of the Michigan Farm Radio Network, receiving a “Golden Mike” award. As I read this story, I immediately pictured WKRP's Les Nesman reading it. Next is a Monday, 12/22/75 story by Norman Dresser, “'Brady Bunch” Ranked Toledo's No. 1 Show,” followed by a Saturday, 12/27/75 picture of 19-year-old BGSU student Holly Wood, who would later be a member of WDHO-TV 24's news team. There are three ads in the Channel 11 gallery, including a Tuesday, 12/16/75 ad for the series premiere of One Day at a Time, “Ann's Decision” (Bonnie Franklin, Valerie Bertinelli, Mackenzie Phillips, Pat Harrington, Jr., Richard Masur). The almost identical TV Guide ad is here. There's also a Friday. 12/19/75 ad for “The Bible,” on The CBS Friday Night Movies and a Wednesday, 12/20/75 ad for a University of Toledo vs. Wayne Stae University basketball game, with of course, Orris Tabner doing the play-by-play. There's one more in the News/Special Reports Ads gallery, a Wednesday, 12/31/75 ad for a review of 1975 on Eleven at Large. There's one in the Channel 13 gallery, a Monday, 12/29/75 ad for Robert Young, Family Doctor, which was the title for syndicated episodes of Marcus Welby, M.D., and Ironside (Raymond Burr). The cancellation of The Merv Griffin Show by channel 13 made room for the Robert Young series. There's also one in the Channel 24 gallery, a Tuesday, 12/30/75 ad for Let's Face It, with Toledo Edison president, John P. Williamson. There's one more in the Buckeye Channel 5 gallery, a Wednesday, 12/31/75 ad for the movies, “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Sandokan Against the Leopard of Sawawak,” “A Night in Casablanca” and “Great Day in the Morning.” There's one in the Radio Station Ads gallery, a Sunday, 12/21/75 ad for WIOT's “Christmas Party” concert with Blue Oyster Cult and Mott, at the Toledo Sports Arena. Today's last ad is in the Other Vintage ads gallery, a Tuesday, 12/16/75 ad for Coke and Sprite at Centre Super Markets.

I'm going to cut back on the number of new additions for a while, in order to catch up on some other projects that I've been putting off. I'll be adding 1976 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, soon.