December 13, 2012: Ten Speeds Through Toledo


I added nine ads today to finish up with the September 1980 ads. There are two more for PM Magazine in the Channel 11 gallery, a Thursday, 9/18/80 ad (Domino Theory) and a Friday, 9/26/80 ad (Ten Speeds Through Toledo!). There are two additions to the Channel 13 gallery, including a Monday, 9/22/80 ad for 13 Nightly News (Virgil Dominic reports from France) and Little House on the Prairie, “Laura Ingalls Wilder,” part one of two. There's also a Friday, 9/26/80 ad for NBC Magazine with David Brinkley and again, 13 Nightly News. There's also one addition to the Channel 13 News gallery, a Monday, 9/29/80 ad for “A Strong News Team” (Frank Venner, Randy Price, Stan Stachak and John Gillespie). There's one addition to the PBS gallery, a Monday, 9/29/80 ad for Great Performances, “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” on channel 30. There's one addition to the Buckeye CableSystem gallery, a Thursday, 9/18/80 ad for “Every Which Way But Loose” (Clint Eastwood) and “10” (Bo Derek) on Showtime and The Movie Channel. There are two Friday 9/26/80 ads, in one image, in the Other Vintage ads gallery, one for Tony Packo's and one for John Packo's Place. I believe a law suit was the result of this dispute among the Packo cousins. 1970's Christmas / Holiday ads from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way—and after Christmas I'll post more 1980 ads.