June 27, 2011: Let's Look at the Record

I added 22 more ads today, from November and December 1967 plus another Peach Section item in the Random Pages gallery. It's a Friday, 12/1/67 story, "WTTO Will Carry Falcon Basketball" with Don King doing the play-by-play and Sonny Smith handling the color commentary. There are seven ads in the Channel 11 gallery including a Thursday, 11/23/64 ad for Thanksgiving Parade Jubilee, "The Tender Trap" on Holiday Theater, a St. Louis Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys NFL game and a special, The Light Here Kindled. Next is a Friday, 11/24/67 ad for an NBC special, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" on Friday Night at the Movies (William Lundigan, Susan Hayward, Rory Calhoun) and a Monday, 11/27/67 ad for daytime shows Girl Talk (Virginia Graham) and Truth or Consequences (Bob Barker). There are two Thursday, 11/30/67 ads for Perry Como's Holiday Special on NBC, a Friday, 12/1/67 ad for T.U. Basketball Preview with Orris Tabner and a Monday, 12/4/67 ad for NBC's Hallmark Hall of Fame "St. Joan" (Genevieve Bujold). There are four in the Channel 13 gallery, a Thursday, 11/23/67 ad for a special, The Three Worlds of Gulliver and an ABC Thanksgiving college football game, Oklahoma vs. Nebraska, a Friday, 11/24/67 ad for The Twilight Zone "The Fugitive" (J. Pat O'Malley, Susan Gordon) and F Troop "Honest Injun" (Forest Tucker), a Saturday, 11/25/67 ad for Cinema 13 "The Eagle and the Hawk" and a Monday, 11/27/67 ad for Deadline (Jim Uebelhart, Gordon Ward), The Twilight Zone "Little Girl Lost," Gilligan's Island (Tina Louise) and Deadline (Jim Rudes, Frank Venner). There's one more in the Channel 13 News gallery, a Thursday, 11/23/67 ad for their election night coverage. The ad ran a week after this channel 11 ad. The Channel 24 gallery has four more, a Saturday, 11/25/67 ad for Beat Jr. Powell, a Wednesday, 11/29/67 NBC ad for The Bob Hope Show from U.C.L.A. (Jack Jones, David Janssen, Elke Sommer) and two for The Bob Nichols Show, a Wednesday, 11/29/67 ad and a Tuesday, 12/5/67 ad from sponsor Ohio Citizens. There are four more in the Radio Station Ads gallery, a Saturday, 11/25/67 ad for WOHO, "Chicken Man hits the fan," two WTTO ads, a Tuesday, 11/28/67 ad and a Saturday, 12/2/67 ad for a Bowling Green vs Iowa basketball game, and a Monday, 12/4/67 ad for another computer-simulated boxing match (Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey) on WSPD-AM. The last two ads are in the Other Vintage ads gallery. There's a Thursday, 11/23/67 full-page ad for Santa's arrival at Westgate (Channel 11's Mr. T and Rymie the Clown) and a Wednesday, 11/29/67 ad for Coca Cola with the new twist-off cap. On Wednesday I'll be finishing up the 1967 ads and then I'll be going back to January 1960 to begin posting 1960-1962 ads from the online archives of The Toledo Blade.