May 6, 2011: The Year of the Big Wind

I added 21 more ads today from November and December 1965. There are four in the Channel 11 gallery, a Saturday, 11/20/65 ad for "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" on NBC Saturday Night at the Movies (Doris Day, David Niven) and "Phffft" on Hollywood Spectacular (Jack Lemmon, Kim Novak) and a Thursday, 11/25/65 ad for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and two Holiday Theater movies, "Have Rocket, Will Travel" (Moe Howard) and "Broken Lance" (Spencer Tracy). There's also a Sunday 11/28/65 ad for an NBC special, The Julie Andrews Show and "Phantom of the Rue Morgue" on Mystery Theater (Karl Malden) and a Friday, 12/24/65 ad for Michelangelo: The Last Giant, which was a delayed broadcast of a Wednesday, 12/22/65 NBC special, shown on WTOL-TV on Saturday, 12/25/65. There's one more WTOL-TV ad in the the News/Special Reports Ads gallery, a Tuesday, 12/7/65 ad for another special, Christmas in Spencer-Sharples. There's also one there from WSPD-TV 13, a Wednesday, 12/28/65 ad for Year End Review 1965-The Year of the Big Wind. There are twelve more in the Channel 13 gallery, including a Saturday, 11/20/65 ad for "Quantez" on Action Theater (Fred MacMurray) and "Beat the Devil" on The Saturday Night Movie (Humphrey Bogart, Gina Lollobrigida) and a Wednesday, 11/24/65 ad for Mayhem on a Sunday Afternoon (an ABC special on pro football) and the Thanksgiving AFL game on NBC (San Diego vs. Buffalo. There's also a Thursday, 12/25/65 ad for that same game and another ABC special, First Lady's Tour (Lady Bird Johnson). There's also a Friday, 12/3/65 ad for Friday Night Movie "Fury at Smuggler's Bay," a Monday 12/6/65 ad for Leave it to Beaver (Jerry Mathers) and a Thursday, 12/9/65 ad for The Rifleman (Chuck Connors). Next is a Friday, 12/10/65 ad for The Littlest Hobo and Friday Night Movie "Voice in the Mirror" (Julie London) and two more for The Friday Night Movie, a 12/17/65 ad for "Kathy O'" (Patty McCormack, Jan Sterling) and a 12/24/65 ad for "Glory" (Walter Brennan, Margaret O'Brien). There's also a Saturday, 12/25/65 ad for The North-South Football Classic and a delayed broadcast of The Farmer's Daughter (Inger Stevens) and a Wednesday 12/31/65 ad for The Gator Bowl on ABC (Georgia Tech defeated Texas Tech, 31-21) and Friday Night Movie "Gidget" (Sandra Dee). There's one ad in the Radio Station Ads gallery , a Tuesday, 12/7/65 ad for WCWA-AM 1230 / Reams Broadcasting and there are three more in the Other Vintage ads gallery, a Tuesday, 12/7/65 ad for a personal appearance by Channel 11's Mr. T at the Woodville Road Bargain City, a Saturday, 12/25/65 full-page ad for RCA color TVs and a Monday, 12/27/65 ad for new Boron with double ice-gard at Sohio service stations. Next time, I'll be getting caught up on some requests along with some more ads from 1996.