December 21, 2011: Christmas with the Stars

I added 21 more holiday ads today, all from 1954-1958 issues of the Toledo Blade. That brings the grand total of all images on the site to over 12,000! There are four in the Channel 13 gallery including a Thursday, 12/23/54 ad for The Little Match Girl which featured the introduction of Central High School student Arline Perry and was sponsored by Red and White Super Markets. There are two Sunday, 12/25/55 ads for the NFL Championship game, in which the Cleveland Browns beat the L.A. Rams by a score of 38-14. The first ad was a Miller High Life Sports Section ad and the second one was a Buick ad in the Peach Section. There's also a Sunday, 1/1/56 ad for the Orange Bowl game, in which Maryland was defeated by Oklahoma by a score of 20-6. There's one in the NBC gallery, a Sunday, 12/25/55 ad for The Alcoa Hour presentation of Gian Carlo Menotti's "Amahl and the Night Visitors" on Detroit's WWJ-TV 4. There are four more in the Radio Station Ads gallery. There are two Saturday, 12/25/54 ads, the first one for Christmas with the Stars on WOHO-AM 1470 and the second one for more Christmas music on WSPD-AM 1370. There are two more WSPD ads, a Monday, 12/25/56 ad for The Story of the Nativity, sponsored by Toledo Edison, and a Monday, 12/23/57 ad for Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, sponsored by Willys Motors, on Christmas Eve. The remaining twelve ads are all in the Other Vintage ads gallery. There's a Wednesday, 12/22/54 ad for Q-Man Potato Chips, a Friday, 12/24/54 ad for Community Traction and a Saturday, 12/24/55 ad for Lamson's, featuring the Henry Longsworth Longfellow poem, "Bells on Christmas Day." Next is a Sunday, 12/25/55 ad for Leo Marks, Credit Jeweler, a Friday, 12/21/56 ad for a New Year's Eve Party at the Hillcrest Hotel Victorian Terrace, and a Saturday, 12/29/56 ad for another New Year's Eve Party at Tony Packo's Cafe. There's also a Friday, 12/20/57 ad for Christmas Around the World at the Toledo Zoo, a Tuesday, 12/24/57 ad for Frisch's Big Boy Restauarants, and a Tuesday, 12/23/58 ad for A&P. There's another 12/23/58 ad for Kroger, sponsor of Union Pacific on channel 13 and Kroger News Wrap-Up on channel 11. The last two ads are both Wednesday, 12/24/58 ads, the first one for Tiedtke's and the second one for The Lion Store. I'll add more 1958 and 1959 holiday ads on Friday and will begin adding ads from the '70s after Christmas. Remember all the Holiday Ads are in the Holiday Season Ads gallery and in the Vintage College Bowl Games Gallery.