November 7, 2011: Peasants and Palaces


I added 18 more ads today from November and December, 1962. There are eight in the Channel 11 gallery, seven of them for movies on The Big Show, Night Owl Theater and Hollywood Spectacular. There's a Monday, 11/26/62 ad for "Tarzan's Triumph," "Tomorrow is Another Day" (Steve Cochran, Ruth Roman) and "Stagecoach to Fury" (Forrest Tucker) and a Tuesday, 11/27/62 ad for "Crime Wave" (Sterling Hayden) and "Barricade" (Raymond Massey, Dane Clark). There's also a Thursday, 11/29/62 ad for the two-part "The Silver Chalice" (Paul Newman, Pier Angeli) and a Friday, 11/30/62 ad for "Battle Circus" (Humphrey Bogart, June Allyson). Next is a Saturday, 12/1/92 ad for "Don't Go Near the Water" (Glenn Ford), a Monday, 12/3/62 ad for "Ride a Violent Mile," "Canyon Passage" (Dana Andrews, Ward Bond) and "Top Gun" (Sterling Hayden), and a Tuesday, 12/4/62 ad for "Top Gun" and "Sincerly Yours" (Liberace). There's also a Thursday, 12/6/62 ad for the Sara Lee sponsored special, The Bob Hope Show (NBC show aired on a one week delay with Jack Benny, Bobby Darin and Ethel Merman). There's one more in the News/Special Reports Ads gallery, a Wednesday, 12/5/62 ad for Series One "Peasants and Palaces." There are three in the Channel 13 gallery, a Sunday, 11/25/62 ad for three movies, "The Strawberry Blonde" on Matinee Theater, (James Cagney, Olivia de Havilland, Rita Hayworth), "Art Carney Meets Peter and the Wolf" on The ABC Sunday Night Movie and "Talk of the Town" on Weekend Spectacular and a Monday, 11/26/62 ad for ABC Evening Report (Ron Cochran), The Rebel "Gold Seeker" (Nick Adams) and Warren Guthrie and the News. Next is a Saturday, 12/1/62 ad for three more movies, "The Hidden Eye" on Matinee Theater (Frances Rafferty), "National Velvet" on Masterpiece Theater (Elizabeth Taylor) and "Sangaree" on Weekend Spectacular (Arlene Dahl), and in the Channel 13 News gallery, a Tuesday, 12/4/62 ad for Deadline, Warren Guthrie and the News, Local Scene (Jim Rudes) and Weather in the Weather (Frank Venner). There are four in the Radio Station Ads gallery, a Wednesday, 12/5/62 ad for The Lucky Family Checkbook Program on WMGS-AM 730 and three WJR-AM 760 ads. There are two for Metroplolitan Opera Broadcasts, sponsored by Texaco, a Saturday, 12/1/62 ad for "Giuseppe Verdi's Ernani" and a Friday, 12/7/62 ad for "Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci." There's also a Sunday, 12/30/62 ad on two pages with CBS Radio Headliners (Dallas Townsend, Robert Trout, Jerry Coleman, Richard C. Hottelet, Alexander Kendrick, Douglas Edwards, George Herman, Winston Burdett, Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Godfrey, Allan Jackson, Art Linkletter, David Schoenbrun, Betty Furness, Garry Moore, Nancy Dickerson, Charles Collingwood, Lowell Thomas, Chris Schenkel). You can find a larger version of the ad here. The last ad is in the the Other Vintage ads gallery, a Sunday, 12/30/62 ad for the Jeep Wagoneer and Gladiator pick-up. I'll be scanning more 1996 TV Guide ads and uploading them next time. If anyone has a request for ads for a certain show, episode or network from '96, please leave your requests in the comment section below. Also: The Thanksgiving ads gallery is now open.