January 1, 2011: Happy New Year!


What's coming in the new year:

I'll be wrapping up the 1995 TV Guide ads this coming week. I'm not going to be posting any more TV Guide ads from the '90s for a while after that. I may ad the '96 ads towards the end of 2011 and post some occasional ads from earlier issues of TV Guide if requested, but that'll probably be it. Instead, I'm going to be concentrating on ads from the Toledo Blade newspaper archives, mostly from the '50's to the '80s. I'll be adding another gallery with radio ads, too. There are many ads for Toledo radio stations in those old issues of the Blade and even some for WJR in Detroit. Also, I'm going to jump around more and not necessarily be adding them in chronological order. Most of the ads for TV shows will be from channels 11, 13 and 24 in Toledo. I'll also be posting some channel 30 ads for NET shows, too. Look for ads for Big Time Wrestling, Ghoulardi, Deadline (Ch 13 News), Death Valley Days, Let's Go to the Races, The Inner Sanctum, The Fugitive, Ben Casey, Checkmate, Dennis the Menace, Mister Ed, You Are There and Watch With Ward (see pic above), just to name a few.

And you can continue to check out the Christmas and New Year's ads in the Holiday Season Ads gallery.