July 11, 2010: John Wayne Week

There are 21 additional ads today, all from October 1988. There's an ad and a TV Guide close-up description in the CBS gallery for 60 Minutes 20th Anniversary, the First Ten Years (Harry Reasoner, Morley Safer, Diane Sawyer, Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley). The NBC gallery has five ads, one for the XXIV Summer Olympics closing ceremony in Seoul, three 'two-part" ads, one for Monday night shows Alf (Max Wright, Benji Gregory) and The Hogan Family (Sandy Duncan, Jason Bateman, Danny Ponce, Jeremy Licht), one for Thursday night shows The Cosby Show (Bill Cosby, Lisa Bonet), A Different World (Kadeem Hardison, Jasmine Guy) and the series premiere of Dear John (Judd Hirsch, Jane Carr, Jere Burns) and one for Saturday night shows 227 (Jackėe Harry, Marla Gibbs), Amen (Sherman Hemsley), The Golden Girls (Beatrice Arthur, Estelle Getty) and the series premiere of Empty Nest (Richard Mulligan, Kristy McNichol, Dinah Manoff, David Liesure) and a full-page ad and TV Guide close-up description for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 26th Anniversary Special (David Letterman, Jay Leno, Garry Shandling).  The Vintage Cable Ads gallery has two, one is a notice that TV Guide is now listing shows for TNT and the other is a full-page color ad for TNN specials. The TBS gallery has nine ads, one for Nine to Five (Sally Struthers), one for the two-part drama "King of the Olympics" and seven more movie ads, one for "True Grit" (John Wayne), one for "21 Hours at Munich," one for the three "Walking Tall" movies (Joe Don Baker) and four more for John Wayne Week: one for "The Green Berets," one for "Big Jake," one for "War Wagon" and "Hellfighters" and one for "The Sons of Katie Elder" and "The Horse Soldiers" (John Wayne, Dean Martin, Earl Holliman, Michael Anderson, Jr.). There are two ads in the Ohio & W. Pennsylvania gallery, one is a WLIO-TV35 ad for Donahue (...20 years and 5,000 shows later...) and the other is a WHIO-TV7 ad for the premiere of Group One Medical. More October 1988 ads are on the way including three more ads for John Wayne Week on TBS.