April 3, 2010: Easter Egg-citement!

Nothing new to add today but I am providing links to ads for Easter Specials. ToledoVision 5: "Your Easter Bonnet" (March 31, 1991). Channel 7: Insight Easter Special (April 18, 1981). Channel 24: Easter Is! (March 14, 1978). Channel 50: The Lawrence Welk Easter Show and Merv Griffin and the Easter Kids (March 29, 1975). CBS: premiere of It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (April 9, 1974), The Bugs Bunny Easter Special (March 18, 1978) and Here Comes Peter Conttontail (April 10, 1979). NBC: Daffy Duck's Easter Show and The Berenstain Bears' Easter Surprise (April 6, 1982) and Smurf Springtime Special and A Family Circus Easter (April 8, 1982). Easter Seal Telethons on Channel 24: 3/28/81 (Pat Boone, Dave Carlson, Paul Rae), 3/26/83 (Pat Boone, Rosemary Collins, Paul W. Smith), 4/1/84, 3/23/86, 3/12/88 and on Channel 4: 3/23/80 (Mort Crim, Suazanne Somers).


Also: John Forsythe (Bachelor Father, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty) died on April 1st. See Washington Post obituary here. It has video of Charlie's Angels opening and a Bachelor Father clip too. Here are some links to a few John Forsythe ads on this site: one for the Dynasty premiere and one with Diahann Carroll, one for Bachelor Father on WKBD-TV and one for The World of Survival on WMAQ-TV in Chicago and here is the link to his wikipedia page.