March 7, 2010: Take a Look Through the Attic

There are 22 additional ads today from two August 31 - September 6, 1974 editions of TV Guide (Northern Indiana and Michigan State) and from the November 2-8, 1974 Michigan State edition. In the Indiana/Chicago gallery: two WGN-TV9 ads, one for Love, American Style and one for "La Dolce Vita" (Marcello Mastronianni, Anita Ekberg), a WPTA-TV21 ad for "North Country," two WSBT-TV22 ads, one for The Mike Douglas Show (The co-hosts were John Davidson and Ray "The Streak" Stevens) and one for Eyewitness News 22, a WSJV-TV28 ad for Wanted: Dead or Alive (Steve McQueen) and two WKJG-TV33 ads, one for Gilligan's Island (Bob Denver) and one for Family Affair. In the Michigan gallery: a WPBN-TV7/WTOM-TV4 ad for Police Surgeon, two WJIM-TV6 ads, one for The Attic with Bill Montgomery and one for The Raymond Burr Show (syndicated title for Ironside), two WOTV-8 ads, one for 12 Noon Report with Ed Kemp and Dave Bolton and one for "Von Ryan's Express" on Saturday Movie of the Week, two WILX-TV10 ads, one for The Mod Squad and one for The Bold Ones (shown instead of NBC's Sierra), two WJRT-TV12 ads, one for The World at War and one for the 'Favorite News Combination' (Luke Choate and Jerry Taff), two WZZM-TV13 Eyewitness News ads (here and here) and two WUHQ-TV41 ads, one for The Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon with Rick D'Amico and one for The Honeymooners (Jackie Gleason). Coming up: July 1975 ads from two Northern Wisconsin editions of TV Guide and one Northern Indiana edition. There's one ad for Green Bay station WFRV-TV's John Gillespie who would later be reporting sports in Toledo.