Feb. 17, 2010: Academy Award Theatre

There are 19 additions today from November and December 1984. There are two in the ABC gallery for Christmas shows, one is a full-page ad for Cabbage Patch Kids' 1st Christmas and the other one is for Dynasty: That Holiday Spirit (with a pic of the cast and a pic of Rock Hudson). The CBS gallery also has two, one is for Kenny and Dolly: A Christmas to Remember (Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers) and the other one is a full-page ad for the CBS Wednesday Night Movies presentation of "Private Benjamin" (Goldie Hawn). There are three in the NBC gallery, one is for NBC News Election coverage (Tom Brokaw, Roger Mudd & John Chancellor), one is a two-page ad for Saturday night shows Diff'rent Strokes, Double Trouble (Jean and Liz Sagal), Gimme a Break (Nell Carter & Lauri Hendler) and Spencer (Chad Lowe) and the last one is a full-page ad for the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast of Michael Landon (Don Rickles, Lorne Greene, Dick Butkus, Melissa Gilbert, Victor French, Dean Martin & Michael Landon). There are eleven ads for movies in the TBS gallery for "Spartacus" (Kirk Douglas), "The Andromeda Strain" (Arthur Hill), "The Sons of Katie Elder" (John Wayne), "Giant" (Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson), "PT 109" (Cliff Robertson), "The Bells of St. Mary's" (Ingrid Bergman, Bing Crosby), "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" (Katharine Hepburn), "Return to Peyton Place" (Carol Lynley, Jeff Chandler), "Bullitt" (Steve McQueen), "Miracle on 34th Street" (Natalie Wood, Edmund Gwenn) and "300 Miles for Stephanie" (Tony Orlando, T.J. Oliveras). And the Random Pages gallery has a page with a TV Guide News Update: Troubled ABC Struggles to Avoid Cellar from November 24, 1984.

Up next: I'll be uploading ads from "out-of-town" issues of TV Guide for the next several weeks. Most of them are Michigan State and Northern Indiana editions but I also have a 1969 Carolina-Tennessee edition, a North Georgia edition, a South Georgia edition, two Southern Florida editions, a Central Virgina edition, and a Washington-Baltimore edition, all from 1974. I also have two N. Wisconsin editions from 1975, a Youngstown-Erie edition, two Oklahoma State editions, a Central Ohio edition, a Memphis edition, a Kentucky Edition, a Southeast Pennsylvania edition, a South Georgia edition and a Southern Florida edition, all from 1976. I also have a 1992 Cleveland Plain Dealer TV Week. I'll be adding new "Out of Town" galleries (located below the Random Pages gallery) in the weeks to come, starting with one for Michigan, one for Indiana, and one for Southern States. I'll also post some ads for channel 35 in Lima and for Dayton Stations that were in some issues of the Toledo-Lima edition.