December 18, 2010: Two Reasons to Stay Home Friday Nights!


There are 21 more ads today from March and April 1995. There are two ads in the ABC gallery, one for the Afterschool Special "Bonnie Raitt Has Something to Talk About" (Whoopi Goldberg, Bonnie Raitt) and a full-page ad and full-page TV Guide close-up description for the 67th Annual Academy Awards (David Letterman). There are five more in the FOX gallery, two ads for Friday night shows VR5 and The X-Files, a two-page ad forthe VR5 pilot episode and The X-Files episode "Dod Kalm" and another ad on two pages for the VR5 episode "Control Freak" and The X-Files episode "F. Emasculata" (Lori Singer, Gillian Anderson), another ad on two pages for the Sliders pilot episode (Jerry O'Connell) and two ads for Fox NHL Sunday, one for the premiere (St. Louis at Detroit) and second one (Detroit at St. Louis). There is a larger version of the second VR5/X-Files ad here. There are three in the NBC gallery, one (on two pages) for four Thursday night shows, the Mad About You episode "Purseona" (Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser) the Hope & Gloria series premiere episode "Are We Having Fun Yet?" (Cynthia Stevenson, Jessica Lundy, Enrico Colantoni, Alan Thicke), a rerun of the Seinfeld episode "The Parking Space (Jerry Seinfeld) and the Friends episode "The One Where the Monkey Gets Away" (Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer), one plugging NBC's e-mail address (Get the Cyber Scoop) and one for the ER episode "Men Plan, God Laughs" (Eriq La Salle). There are seven WBGU full-page ads in the PBS gallery, one for five Saturday shows (Vince Gill), one for four Sunday shows (Buffalo Bob Smith, Howdy Doody), one for You Can't Do That! The Making of "A Hard Day's Night" and the movie "A Hard Day's Night" (The Beatles), one for two Tuesday night shows, The Internet Show: Driver's Education on the Information Superhighway and Apollo 13: To the Edge and Back, one for two Garth Brooks specials, one for two Thursday shows, Over America and A Celtic Celebration and one for Victor Borge: Then and Now II. There are two ads in the UPN gallery, a full-page ad for two Tuesday night shows, the Marker episode "Dead Man's Marker" (Richard Grieco) and The Watcher episodes "The Human Condition: The Blood of Our Children" / "Rita" / "The Comic" (Paula Barbieri) and one on two pages for the Legend two-hour series premiere episode "Birth of a Legend" (Richard Dean Anderson). There are two in the Vintage Cable Ads gallery, a full-page ad for 'Voices Against Violence Week' (on 49 cable networks) and one for Politically Incorrect (Bill Maher, Roseanne).

There's one bonus ad in the Holiday Season Ads gallery. It's a WTOL-TV 11 ad in the 12/22/72 Toledo Blade, for A Christmas Offering with the Devilbiss High School Concert Choir and Chorale. It also includes a Norm Dresser story about the special. Also included after that story is another brief story about WCWA-FM becoming WIOT-FM and changing the format to contemporary rock.