September 21, 2009: Traveling with George Pierrot

There are 21 additions today from April and May 1969. On the channel 2 page there's one for a TV2 Sports Special, The Long Trail to Tigertown, hosted by Ray Lane along with one for The Merv Griffin Show and one for The Mike Douglas Show. The channel 4 page has three for The Donald O'Connor Show with pictures of Mamie Van Doren, Pat Paulsen and Amanda Blake. There are also three for The George Pierrot Show with one trip from the Yukon to Mexico, one to the land of Jesus and one to Nipigon in northern Ontario. There are also two from the series, Here Come the Stars, honoring George Burns and Steve Allen. The channel 7 page has ads for the movies, "Wall of Noise," "Mystery Street," "The Private War of Major Benson," and "Beau James." The channel 9 page has two Million Dollar Movie ads for "Johnny Tiger" and "Munster, Go Home." The only ad from a Toledo station is on the channel 24 page for Playboy After Dark and The Wilburn Brothers Show, which must be the strangest combination of shows in a single ad. The channel 50 page has one for their weeknight line-up which had Pay Cards! at 8:00, Password at 8:30, Perry Mason at 9:00 and The 10 O'Clock News along with another one for The 10 O'Clock News with Tim O'Brien. And finally, in the Random Pages gallery is one with the 4/11/69 morning listings. Among the shows on that page you'll find Sunrise Semester, Woodrow the Woodsman, Batfink, Mr. T's Show, Rita Bell's Prize Movie, The Friendly Giant, Bozo the Clown and Romper Room. Coming up next: more from May and June 1969.