September 14, 2009

You'll find 21 additions today from September-November 1993. I found another Detroit TV Guide with two ads that I scanned, one for The Montel Williams Show (on the channel 4 page) and one for To Your Health (on the channel 20 page). There are also four more from WTOL on the channel 11 page. One is for The Les Brown Show and three are for The Bertice Berry Show. There's an ad for coverage of the Toledo Primary '93 Election which can be found on the 13 News page as well as on the TV5 page along with ads for the premiere of Xuxa and four Halloween specials. There's also a December 1993 TV5 schedule. There's one for a Family Matters contest on the channel 24 page and two for Coach (in one image) on the channel 36 page. On the PBS page you'll find WBGU ads for I'll Fly Away, The Breast Care Test and The American Experience: Eisenhower along with a PBS ad for National Geographic: The Power of Water. The ABC page has one for the premiere of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and one for the premiere of NYPD Blue (which channel 24 refused to carry) and the FOX page has one for The X-Files.