September 10, 2009

I added 16 more today from December 1992 - February 1993. You'll find three more on the TV5 page for Desperate Passage: A Step Apart, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and the movie, "Ragtime." On the channel 36 page there's one for a Nets-Pistons game and two more for the movies, "Black Widow" and "Volunteers." There are five more on the PBS page from WBGU. The ads include pictures of Shirley Temple, Mel Torme and Victor Borge. The CBS page has one for a special, Holiday Greetings from the Ed Sullivan Show which was hosted by Bob Newhart and included Dick Martin as a guest. There's one on the FOX page for Batman: The Animated Series and there are two on the NBC page for one of my favorite '90s series, Homicide: Life on the Street. Coming up: More WBGU-TV27 ads from February and March 1993.