September 1, 2009

You'll find several holiday-themed ads in the 15 additions today from November 1990 - February 1991. There's another one from channel 13 on the News/Special Reports page for a Jeannine Lauber report on Janean Brown (Getting Away with Murder). There are five more on the ToledoVision 5 page including three monthly schedules and one for the movie, "Mame." There are also two for 1990 holiday presentations. One is for The Spirit of Christmas and the other is for Christmas at the Movies, "The Never Ending Story," "Oh God! You Devil!" and "It's a Wonderful Life." On the channel 36 page you'll find ads for the series Who's the Boss?, Mama's Family and Night Court and for "An Officer and a Gentleman." There are also ads for WWF Superstars of Wrestling and for a Pistons-Bullets NBA game. On the PBS page is one for the channel 30 12/9/90 shows, Red Skelton's Christmas Dinner. Christmas at Pops and Kenny Rogers in Concert. On the CBS page is one for a colorized I Love Lucy Christmas Special and on the Other Vintage Ads page is an ad for Wrestling Classics from the '50s and '60s on  videocassette.