August 6, 2009

I added 16 more ads today from April and May 1987. There's one for the final episode of Hill Street Blues on the NBC page. If you were a fan and can get the American Life TV Network (channel 232 on Buckeye CableSystem) you can catch episodes Monday thru Thursday at 8PM. On the channel 11 news page are two ads proclaiming that Toledo 11 puts more into the news and on the News/Special Reports page is one for a Bruce Maxwell series of reports on airline safety. On the channel 13 page there are two for Entertainment Tonight and one for a special, Alzheimer's: Whispering Hope hosted by Jason Robards. It had a local segment with Jim Rudes and Bill Harris. On the channel 24 page there are three additions, one for another Geraldo Rivera special, Innocence Lost: The Erosion of American Childhood, one for a week of Hour Magazine shows where women shared erotic fantasies and another one for Sally Jessy Raphael. There's one for the premiere of Duet on the FOX page and on the channel 36 page there are a total of five more for Gimme a Break and Too Close for Comfort, Diff'rent Strokes and Get Smart, the movies "Red Dawn" and "Harold and Maude" and one for an Indians-Tigers baseball game.