August 5, 2009

There are 20 more ads today from February-April 1987. You'll find a new page link located between the CBS and NBC pages for FOX shows. There you'll find ads for the premieres of 21 Jump Street, Married...with Children and The Tracey Ullman Show. There are two additions to the Sci-Fi & Horror Movies page for "Blood and Black Lace" and "King Kong vs. Godzilla" which were Fright Night Movie presentations hosted by Sam Botek, Jr. on channel 36. Also on the channel 36 page are ads for WWA Bruiser Bedlam Wrestling and the 1987 Arthritis Foundation Telethon. On the News/Special Reports page are more Toledo 11 News ads for five For Kids' Sake reports, an Amy Ashcroft report on East Toledo and an Evan Rosen report on cable TV and on the channel 11 news page is another one for the behind-the-scenes people. There are two more on the channel 11 page. One is for a For Kids' Sake special Can We Talk? with Cosby Show co-stars Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Phylicia Ayers-Allen and the other is for another Toledo Eleven Kids' Health Fair at Franklin Park Mall. There's one on the channel 13 news page with Jerry Anderson, Jeannine Lauber, Stan Stachak and Neil Hartman. This was among four ads scanned from Toledo Cable Magazine which was put out by Buckeye CableSystem. There's also one for a Channel 30 Auction on the PBS page.