August 29, 2009

I added 19 more today from January-March 1990. There are four additions to the ToledoVision 5 page including their February 1990 schedule and one for the movie, "To Catch a King." On the PBS page there are four ads from channel 30 for Masterpiece Theatre, WonderWorks and two for Festival '90. There's one on the CBS page for You Don't Look 40, Charlie Brown and another one on the FOX page for The Simpsons. Everything else is on the channel 36 page. There's one for a Cavs-Pistons game and one for Who's the Boss? and Mama's Family. The rest are for the movies, "Absence of Malice," "Something Wild," "Spaceballs," "Christine," "Opposing Force," "Red Sonja and "Secret Admirer."