August 11, 1987

You'll find 20 additional ads today from October and November 1987. Most of them are on the channel 36 page with two more ads for the series Diff'rent Strokes, What's Happening, Get Smart, Gimme a Break and Bosom Buddies. Also there are five more for the movies "The Hindenburg," "Apocalpse Now," "Desperately Seeking Susan," "The Breakfast Club" and "The Cotton Club" and on the FOX page there's one for their Sunday Night line-up of shows including Werewolf. On the channel 11 page there's one for their 4-6:30 PM line-up of shows, Magnum, PI, Benson, Family Ties and Toledo 11 News. There's also another one for Family Ties featuring Michael J. Fox. Also on the channel 11 news page there are four more. One has Jeff Heitz, Orris Tabner and Charlie Umpenhour. On the channel 13 page is one for Donahue which at the time was going against Opray Winfrey at 9AM. On the channel 24 page is one for their 4-6:30PM slate of shows, that had Little House on the Prairie at 4, Win, Lose or Draw at 5, 24 News at 5:30 and Hollywood Squares at 6. There's also one on the CBS page for the daytime soap The Young and the Restless. More from November and December 1987 are on the way including ads for The Jay Eck Show and Sue Parcell on Toledo 11 News.