July 13, 2009

I added 18 ads today from February-May 1984. There are five WTVG additions to the News/Special Reports page for reports by Jera Jackson, John Gillespie, Jerry Anderson, Jim Rudes and Michael Mota. There are also four additions to the channel 11 News page with Orris Tabner, Jeff Heitz, Jill Olmsted and Charles Umpenhour. There are five more ads on the WDHO page. One is for He Man and the Masters of the Universe, two are for Solid Gold and two are for telethons. The Easter Seal Telethon had Paul W. Smith hosting and guests included The Toledo Jazz Orchestra, the Cake Walkin' Jass Band and The Villagers. The other was an Arthritis Foundation Telethon hosted by Mickey Gilley and locally by Dave Carlson. On the ABC page is an ad for the final episode of Happy Days and on the NBC page are ads for Double Trouble with twins Liz and Jean Sagal and The Duck Factory which had Jim Carrey starring for thirteen episodes. And there's one more on the Other Vintage Ads Page with Raymond Burr (looking like Perry Mason) selling insurance.